Download five simple tips to make the most out of your recognition efforts. Print and post them in your workspace as a reminder, and share them with other managers.


Spa & Recreation Recognition Tips

Give Your Spa & Recreation Team a Little R&R (Real Recognition). Use the ideas below to recognize your Spa & Recreation superstars. Got an idea of your own that you've used before? Send it our way so we can add to the list and share with your peers across Hilton.

  1. R&R. Treat your Spa & Recreation team to some down time. Give them gift cards to help them pursue their hobbies. For example, a movie gift card for a cinema fanatic, or a gift card to a craft store for creative Team Members.
  2. Beach Bundle. Help your relaxation experts relax with this beach bundle. Start with a towel and a magazine—then add anything you want!
  3. Day of Rest. Pamper your Spa & Recreation team with a “loofah sundae” surprise. Put a fluffy hand towel, loofah, soaps, or even low-cost gift cards in a sundae glass. Top with a personal note of thanks!
  4. Recognition Via Recreation. Bring the department closer together by organizing an intramural softball or basketball game. Make it a hotel-wide tournament by creating teams from different departments, or having Front of House compete against Back of House. Team Members who don’t want to play can cheer from the sidelines.
  5. Sp-Ahhhhh. It’s your team’s turn to indulge. Take them out for the afternoon and give them the star treatment. Start with lunch and manicures.
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