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Sales & Marketing Recognition Tips

Pitch Appreciation to Sales & Marketing! Use the ideas below to recognize your Sales & Marketing superstars. Got an idea of your own that you've used before? Send it our way so we can add to the list and share with your peers across Hilton.

  1. Client Tie-Ins. Next time your Sales team lands a big account, recognize them with a prize that ties in to that industry. For example, if it’s an auto parts manufacturer, give them a toy car with a note of appreciation. Or if it’s a restaurant chain headquarters, a gift card to that restaurant chain.
  2. Searchin’ for Sales. Who are your largest accounts or your biggest events? Build a simple sales-themed word search puzzle.
  3. Sweetest Superheroes. Recognize your Sales & Marketing superheroes with superhero lollipops. See how easy they are to make.
  4. Take a Memo! Your Sales team spends a lot of time out of the office on new business calls. Leave a custom Hilton Worldwide While You Were Out message using the attached PDF. Simply download the PDF, print, and jot down a few words of appreciation.
  5. Reach for the Stars. Create a list of local “Star Accounts” that you want to get at your hotel. When your Sales team books someone from a Star Account, give them a suitable “Star” reward — such as a Starbucks gift card, movie tickets, or even dinner at a 5-star restaurant.
  6. The Voice of Appreciation! Sales, Marketing and Reservations teams all share one thing: the phone is central to their work. Throughout this month, get various managers to leave a message of appreciation in their voicemail, waiting for them when they come into work!
  7. The Price is Right! Increase your team’s awareness of how valuable your Sales team’s big accounts are to your hotel. Get a poster board and list your hotel’s last 3-5 events, and see who can come the closest to guessing the total revenues they brought in! Or pick your top guests and guess their annual bookings.
  8. Lead List Lotto. Have a quarterly promotion for all Team Members. Whoever turns in the most leads to the Sales department wins a gift card or other prize.
  9. Networking 101. Call a few sister hotels in your area and arrange a networking party for your Sales teams. Give them a half-day of exchanging best practices, exploring possible leads and referrals, and getting to know other Sales people that can become valuable professional contacts.
  10. Get Out of Sales Free! Play a game of Monopoly with your team and give your Sales team the chance to be the “buyers” for a couple of hours.
  11. Thank You for “Raising our Sails.” Try having a sailing-themed party for your Sales team. You could have a cake with a sailboat on it. Or you could post paper sailboats on a bulletin board and have Team Members from other departments write notes of appreciation on them.
  12. Full House. Next time your Sales team books an account that fills up your hotel, recognize them with an informal Poker Tournament. Deal each Team Member a poker hand from a deck of cards — and have prizes for the top three hands. For smaller hotels, deal a hand for each department and get the entire hotel involved.
  13. SOLD on You. For your Sales & Marketing Team Members who deserve special recognition, create a poster that incorporates a SOLD sign and the recipient’s photo with the words “We’re SOLD on you!” Underneath, highlight the individual’s recent accomplishments for all to see.
  14. Five to Help You Thrive. What are your best Sales & Marketing tactics? Ask each Team Member for their most successful tips, and then develop a list of the five best ideas (or more) to share with the team.
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