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Managers & Supervisors Recognition Tips

Hurrah for Managers and Supervisors. Use the ideas below to recognize your Managers & Supervisors. Got an idea of your own that you've used before? Send it our way so we can add to the list and share with your peers across Hilton.

  1. Make It Their Year! You may have a Team Member of the Month or Quarter. Add to this by naming a Supervisor of the Month or Quarter, highlighting the leader who has brought the most improvement to their department or hotel.
  2. Our Heroes. Purchase a Superman or -woman action figure to let your Supervisors know how "super" they really are.
  3. Supervisors in the Spotlight. Spotlight different department Supervisors each day of the week. Housekeeping on Monday, Front Desk on Tuesday, and so on.
  4. Thanks a Latte. Treat your Managers to a latte and a "Thanks a Latte" card signed by the team.
  5. Get the Word Out. When you recognize a Manager or Supervisor, do it in front of a group of their peers. This will mean more to them, and gives other Managers an example to follow.
  6. No Problem! Host a Problem Resolution Party, in which you cover the five most common customer issues and how to solve them. Make sure to recognize specific examples at your hotel.
  7. Get to Know Your Leaders! Pick a different department each month using the Recognition Calendar. During that month, highlight that department’s Supervisor(s). Post a flyer thanking that leader, spotlight that person at a team meeting, or put up a poster with notes of thanks from leaders and Team Members. For smaller hotels, pick a different leader each quarter.
  8. Recognize the Recognizers! If you have a Supervisor who excels at recognition, give them a little of their own: Write a personal note of thanks for all they’ve done. You can also have other Team Members or leaders sign the note. And present the note to them in at a team meeting, along with a verbal thank you.
  9. Hats Off to You! Thank your Managers for the many hats they wear by purchasing fun caps or hats and asking various Team Members to autograph them. Present the hats at a team meeting.
  10. Scavenger Hunt. Come up with a set of fun clues and send your Manager or Supervisor all over the hotel, where they’ll find everything from a keepsake pen to favorite books and music. End up in the kitchen or hotel bar for surprise cupcakes!
  11. Roast ‘Em and Toast ‘Em. Every hotel has someone who’d make the perfect emcee. Recruit them to host a roast in your Manager’s honor—even if it’s just 30 minutes during lunch—and let the hijinks begin! Be sure to keep it positive. Have contributors write amusing poetry, tell anecdotes, or even allow attendees to vote on which celebrity your Supervisor resembles the most!
  12. Golf Classic. Hold your hotel’s first annual (Manager’s Name) Golf Classic—not outdoors, but indoors! Using overturned cups taped to the floor, set up nine putt-putt golf holes in a vacant conference room or in different areas of the hotel, and see who among the team emerges with the fewest strokes. Fore!
  13. All Together Now. Cut and paste from stacks of photos to create a collage featuring every Team Member. Then frame and present to your Manager. You could even include words of encouragement or photos of things relevant to your department. For fun, sneak in a shot of a favorite celebrity or two and see if it gets noticed.
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