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How to Celebrate a Service Anniversary

Do you remember the day you started working at Hilton? Most people do. It's a special day for Team Members, and it's important to acknowledge these milestones. Presenting a service anniversary certificate and pin gives you the opportunity to do more than mark tenure. It gives you the opportunity to recognize the Team Member's accomplishments — and everything he or she does for the team.

Here are some simple guidelines for recognizing service anniversaries:

  • Present the Team Member with a personalized service anniversary certificate.
  • Recognize the milestone as close to the service anniversary as possible.
  • Have a team celebration and acknowledge the service anniversary publicly. Schedule the celebration around a team huddle or luncheon.
  • Note when your Team Member first joined Hilton, and mention significant achievements and accomplishments that have contributed to your team's success.
  • Use the occasion to spotlight how the recipient lives the Hilton Values.
  • Ask other Team Members to participate and share positive stories about the recipient.

Finally, think of service anniversaries as "Hilton birthdays." Birthday celebrations are lots of fun, and service anniversary celebrations should be too! Try the following:

  • Bring in a personalized cake or cupcakes for the team. Use frosting or candles to designate the number of years worked.
  • Give your Team Member an oversized card signed by the whole team — or a scrapbook with photos and personal messages of congratulations.
  • Everyone likes food! Have a potluck with your Team Member's favorite foods, or order lunch from his or her favorite restaurant.
  • Play a game or two! You could play Pictionary® or charades, or have a trivia contest to see who knows the most about your Team Member. Have small prizes on hand for the winners.
  • Search online for key dates associated with the recipient's hire date, like the #1 song or historical events or sports. Include these in your event.

Lastly, feel free to add your own ideas! Nobody knows your team better than you do.

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