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CEO Light & Warmth Award Nomination Tips

The CEO Light & Warmth Award is our company's highest form of Team Member recognition and spotlights the best of the best across Hilton. Taking a few moments to follow these simple tips will help you increase the overall impact of your nomination and turn a good submission into a great one.

1. Be Specific.

Phrases like "Matthew goes above and beyond" tells us that your nominee is special, but they don't provide sufficient detail, nor do they speak to our Vision, Mission and Values. It's important to describe how Matthew goes above and beyond. Be sure to provide detailed examples of what your nominee did to earn a nomination, and try to avoid generalities. For example:

Matthew consistently goes above and beyond to demonstrate our Vision, Mission and Values. When Mr. Vega, a non-English speaking Guest, suddenly fell ill, Matthew arranged transportation to and from the hospital and notified the Guest's family. Being bilingual, Matthew also helped with translations over the phone, providing great comfort to the Guest. Upon his return to the hotel, Matthew had a ‘Get Well Soon' card waiting.

See the difference? We've taken a generality ("Matthew goes above and beyond") and expanded on it with a specific example that supports the statement.

2. Provide Multiple Examples.

None of our winners have only performed an amazing one-time feat, so it's important that your nomination includes a minimum of three examples detailing the nominee's accomplishments. These examples should focus on the exceptional.

Matthew recently led an initiative to partner with a local youth mentorship program. He saw the need, shared his vision with the General Manager, and created a plan to get Team Members involved. Thanks to Matthew, a group of Team Members representing different departments visits a local middle school and tutors children once a week.

Matthew recently set up a program called ‘Hilton Honors Heroes,' designed to recognize returning Guests. Hilton Honors Guests can now find different cards and gifts awaiting them on milestone stays. For example, on a Guest's tenth stay with us, they receive a gift basket, a card signed by the General Manager, and a small action figure that we affectionately refer to as the ‘Hilton Honors Hero.'

We can now see that Matthew regularly exceeds expectations in bringing our Purpose to life and appears to be a strong candidate for the award.

3. Get Input from Others.

Why do all the work yourself? Try asking other managers and coworkers about your nominee, and include their input in your nomination. For example, here's what other Team Members might say about Matthew:

Matthew's hospitality isn't limited to his department. He can regularly be seen helping the Housekeeping team on busy mornings and volunteering for additional duties that go beyond his job description. Just last week, we were setting up for a large banquet and were shorthanded. Matthew showed up after clocking out and jumped in to help our department. The event went off without a hitch, thanks in large part to Matthew's help.
— Kelsey Jones, F&B Manager

My husband died three years ago. Ever since, it's been hard for me to get little things done around the house. Matthew often makes the time after work and on weekends to help with different tasks, like fixing a broken garage door, hanging a picture frame on my wall, and even mowing my lawn when it was really hot outside.
— Rosanna Wilson, Housekeeping

4. Show Results.

Did SALT scores improve? Did you gain new or repeat business? You'll want to provide tangible results that detail how your nominee's actions impacted Guests, teammates, the hotel, or the community.

Matthew's ‘Hilton Honors Heroes' program was instrumental in driving up Hilton Honors Benefits scores 10%. Comment cards pour in regularly praising Matthew. One Diamond Guest, who was new to our hotel, told us that she was ‘overwhelmed' by Matthew's hospitality, and would be sure to return. That Guest has since given the hotel more than US $10,000 in repeat business.

Our hotel was recently honored as a Community Champion by the mayor, who specifically mentioned the youth mentoring program that Matthew helped set up. Because of this publicity, we recently added two new large accounts, one with a local plastics company and another with a regional hospital. Both clients cited the award as a reason for selecting our hotel. The revenue generated by this business is more than US $500,000 annually.

If you're having difficulty correlating the nominee's actions to SALT scores or financial results, try sharing comment cards, soliciting testimonials from coworkers or managers, or speaking from personal experience.

5. Focus on the Exceptional.

The CEO Light & Warmth Award recognizes Team Members who regularly go beyond their job description to bring our Purpose to life. A Front Desk Team Member who checks in a large group seamlessly or a Housekeeper who spotlessly cleans 14 rooms a day may not stand out as exceptional because this is a part of their everyday job.

After checking in a large wedding party, Matthew was informed that the parents of the bride had not yet arrived. Their flight had been delayed, and they risked missing the wedding. Matthew took initiative and arranged for special transportation to get the parents from the airport to the church, ensuring that the parents were there for their daughter's big moment.

When a new Guest realized he had misplaced a jump drive containing a new business presentation the night before a big meeting, Matthew volunteered to help. Putting his PowerPoint skills to work, he worked with the Guest until 1 a.m., helping him successfully rebuild the presentation. His efforts helped the Guest land a new client, and the hotel to land a Guest for life.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you'll write a nomination that shines as brightly as your nominee.

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