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Maintenance & Engineering Recognition Tips

Let's Hear it for Maintenance & Engineering! Use the ideas below to recognize your Administrative Professional superstars. Got an idea of your own that you've used before? Send it our way so we can add to the list and share with your peers across Hilton.

  1. Buckets of Thanks. Fill an empty paint can with small gifts and treats for your Engineering team. Add a custom label to the front.
  2. Give ’Em A Hand. Give each member of your Maintenance team a new pair of work gloves . Present them at a team meeting where you give them a round of applause.
  3. Gold-Medal Performance. Convert an ordinary hammer or large wrench into an Engineering trophy by spray-painting it gold.
  4. How Many Light Bulbs? How many light bulbs does your M&E team change each year? Take the number of light bulbs changed in a month, multiply by 12, and divide by the number of M&E Team Members. Have a contest to see whose guess comes closest.
  5. You’re My Hero. Bring in a large "hero" sandwich to recognize your Engineering heroes.
  6. Create A Keepsake! Pick up a tool belt or nail pouch at your local hardware store or online, and ask all of your Team Members to autograph it! Another option: Buy a toolbox, and sign it with notes of appreciation!
  7. Speed-of-Light Contest. Have a contest among the department Team Members: Gather together 5-10 lamps. Then see who can change all the light bulbs and turn the lamps on in the least amount of time.
  8. No Problem! Host a Problem Resolution Party, in which you cover the five most common customer issues and how to solve them. Make sure to recognize specific examples at your hotel.
  9. M&E Social. Arrange a thank-you luncheon that lets your Chief Engineer network with Engineers from sister properties so they can exchange best practices.
  10. Build Those Skillz! Recognize a member of your Maintenance & Engineering team by offering them courses that will improve their skills in HVAC, plumbing, or other key engineering areas.
  11. Hats Off! Buy your Maintenance & Engineering Team Members ball caps of their favorite sports team to thank them for everything they do for your team.
  12. Hold an Annual Derby Day! Put your team’s engineering skills to work by making model cars. The trick: Cars can only be made from items found in the hotel, e.g., bars of soap or items from the kitchen. Vote for your favorite car!
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