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Laundry-Linen Recognition Tips

Make a Splash with Your Laundry-Linen Team! Use the ideas below to recognize your Laundry-Linen superstars. Got an idea of your own that you've used before? Send it our way so we can add to the list and share with your peers across Hilton.

  1. Wreaths from Sheets. Make a wreath of appreciation for your Laundry-Linen team from recycled linens. Find out how.
  2. Bright and Early. Surprise your Laundry-Linen team with fresh coffee and pastries this morning!
  3. Heavy-Duty Laundry. Here’s a way to show your entire hotel how hard the laundry team works: Hold a contest to guess how many pounds of towels and sheets they clean in a month. Have a prize for the Team Member that has the nearest guess. To find the answer, weigh a linen and towel set for an average room and multiply it by room nights that you sell that month.
  4. Throw a Suds Party. Provide ice cream floats and bottles of blow bubbles.
  5. Sweet Sheets. Ask coworkers to sign a bed sheet with notes of appreciation. Hang it in the Laundry area.
  6. Cross the Line. String a clothesline across the Laundry room. Use clothespins to attach sheets of paper with the letters T-H-A-N-K-S.
  7. Towel Test. See who can properly fold 10 bath towels in the least amount of time. Invite other departments to participate!
  8. Trading Spaces. During this month, have each Team Member spend time helping out in a department other than their own — with a particular emphasis on Laundry-Linen. Have each Manager or Department Supervisor master the art of folding towels and fitted sheets!
  9. The Gift of Giving. Show special thanks to your Laundry-Linen team by letting them select a charity to donate gently used towels and linens to. Come up with a list of possible recipients in your area, such as shelters, animal rescue groups, and other organizations, and let them decide the ones they’d like to help.
  10. Your Brand of Winner. Create a poster highlighting individuals’ achievements using popular detergent brand names. For example, recognize those who “Help the hotel GAIN recognition,” “Turn the TIDE toward better service,” are “BOLD about doing a great job,” or “Bring CHEER to others.”
  11. Put it All on the Line. In a break area or in the laundry room, string up a clothesline with envelopes pinned to it—each featuring a Team Member’s name. They could include simple thank you cards or gift cards to show how much you appreciate “hanging with” your crew!
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