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Human Resources Recognition Tips

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Human Resources! Use the ideas below to recognize your HR superstars. Got an idea of your own that you've used before? Send it our way so we can add to the list and share with your peers across Hilton.

  1. Light Up Their Day. Party shops sell birthday cake candles in the shape of letters. Get the letters H and R, and put them on top of a cake (or even a cupcake) for a fun and easy celebration of your HR team or person.
  2. Start a “You Rock” Box. What is it? It’s a box that works like a suggestion box, only Team Members write notes of appreciation for each other that can be read at future team meetings. Use it to recognize your HR Team Members.
  3. A Class Act! Mix recognition with mentoring. Show HR Team Members you care about their career by giving them the opportunity to attend a class or seminar that is relevant to their area.
  4. HR = Hotel Raves. Or Heartfelt Recognition. Hang a poster board in your Team Member area and let people write their own raves about your HR team. At the end of the month, give the poster to your HR department.
  5. Know Your Team. It’s often through HR that we meet new Team Members for the first time. But how well do you know your team? Post the favorite movies of Human Resources Team Members in the break area. Offer a prize for the person who can correctly match the movies with the right people.
  6. Weekly HR Awards. Come up with four things that have the initials “HR,” and give those items to your HR team each week for a month. For example, “Half-dozen Roses.” “Hands Rested” could be a coupon for a manicure. “Hot Refreshment” could be a gift card to a local coffee shop. “Happy & Relaxed” could be a coupon for a chair massage.
  7. Benefits Package. To show your thanks, offer HR Team Members an all new “benefits package,” including a gift card, favorite beverage, snacks, and a note that says “The biggest benefit is that we get to work with you!”
  8. By the Letter. H and R aren’t the only letters associated with your department. Cut out a letter “A,” and give it to those who have a great Attitude. Or offer a Team Member an “E” for Efficiency. (Note: B through F might seem too much like school grading, but the rest of the alphabet is fair game!)
  9. HR Wears a Lot of Hats! Have a funny hat party with your HR team. If Team Members don’t already have hats, provide materials to make them.
  10. Show Them Their HR File. Write the name of HR Team Members on manila folders. Then encourage others to fill it up with cards, notes of appreciation, photos, and a list of positive personal attributes—each with a check mark by them. Then leave it where it can be “found” by your honoree!
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