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Spirit Award Nomination Tips

The Spirit of Hilton award is our highest form of brand-specific Team Member recognition.* It’s important that a nomination clearly and concisely conveys what makes a nominee special—and what sets them apart from others. Taking a few moments to follow these simple tips can help increase the overall impact and turn a good nomination into a great nomination.

1. Give Details.

Phrases like “Lucy goes above and beyond” tell us that your nominee is special, but they don’t provide sufficient detail. How does Lucy go above and beyond? Be sure to provide specific examples detailing what the nominee did to earn a nomination, and try to avoid generalities. For example:

“Lucy consistently goes above and beyond. When a teammate who was working on an important presentation fell ill, Lucy jumped in and took Ownership. Without being asked, Lucy volunteered to finish the presentation while still attending to her other responsibilities. Thanks to Lucy, the presentation was a huge hit.”

See the difference? We’ve taken a generality (“Lucy goes above and beyond”), and expanded on it with an example that supports the statement.

2. Provide Multiple Examples.

While some Spirit of Hilton award winners have performed an amazing one-time feat, most Team Members win for multiple actions they perform on an ongoing basis.

“In addition, Lucy implemented a program called ‘Hilton Heroes.’ Every month, she organizes a different community outreach event. She tirelessly arranges the details, gathers volunteers, and attends each event. In December, Lucy was recognized by our chamber of commerce with a ‘Citizen of the Year’ award for her impact on the community.”

We now have multiple examples showing that Lucy regularly exceeds expectations. But don’t stop there. Try to include a minimum of three examples.

3. Show Results.

Now that you’ve included examples, it’s time to provide results. Did you gain new or repeat business? What successes was the nominee responsible for, or key to accomplishing? Whenever possible, provide tangible results detailing how your nominee’s actions impacted your department, teammates, or the community.

“Lucy’s presentation was a key part in the signing a new development deal. Her community involvement has helped raise over 1,000 kilos for the Westwood Food Bank, 500 books for locals pre-schools, and mentoring economically-disadvantaged youth.”

If you’re having difficulty correlating the nominee’s actions to tangible results, try soliciting testimonials from coworkers or managers, or speaking from personal experience. (e.g., “On multiple occasions, Team Members have come to me expressing their gratitude towards Lucy, and how important she has been to their professional growth.”)

4. Focus on the Exceptional.

The Spirit of Hilton award recognizes Team Members who go beyond their job description and exceeding expectations. A Team Member who “works hard eight hours a day” or “always comes to the office ready to work” may not stand out as exceptional because this is a part of their everyday job.

“Lucy can always be counted on to do her job well. More importantly, Lucy goes beyond her job description. Whether working late and sacrificing personal time to finish an important presentation for an ailing coworker, or impacting the lives of people in our community, Lucy makes a point of always exceeding expectations.”

5. Recognize Brand Pillars.

The Spirit of Hilton award recognizes Team Members who embody our shared Hilton Values. As such, it helps to include examples that speak to this.

“Lucy took Ownership when she jumped in for an ailing coworker to finish an important presentation. Her ‘Hilton Heroes’ program exemplifies her Leadership in the community and encouraged Teamwork at her location.”

While including examples may help a nomination, don’t try to force a connection to a value, and don’t feel like you have to include examples speaking to all values.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll write a nomination that shines as brightly as your nominee.

Make a nomination.

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