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CEO Light & Warmth Award Recognition Materials

Download Tools to Celebrate Your CEO Light & Warmth Award Champions. Use these tools to make the most of your efforts. You’ll find a pre-celebration announcement flyer to invite Team Members to your “secret” celebration, a celebration flyer to display during and after the winner announcement, and much more. All content is customizable, including language. Simply download, personalize the message, and print.

These materials can also be customized to recognize nominees that did not win.

Pre-Celebration Invitation Flyer
(Customizable Word Doc)
Use to invite Team Members to your “secret” celebration.
Celebration Flyer
(Customizable Word Doc)
Display during and after your winner’s announcement.
Candy / Protein Bar Wrapper
(Customizable Word Doc)
Wrap label around standard-size candy / protein bar. Use glue or tape to affix.
Water Bottle Label
(Customizable Word Doc)
Wrap label around a standard 16.9 oz. (500 ml) water bottle. Use glue or tape to affix to water bottle.
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