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The CEO Light & Warmth Award

CEO Light & Warmth Award GlobeThe CEO Light & Warmth Award is Hilton’s highest form of Team Member recognition. This prestigious award spotlights select individuals who consistently go beyond expectations and embody our shared HILTON Values. 10-12 winners are chosen annually from across all brands and corporate locations, and receive the following:

  • A one-time bonus of $10,000 US.
  • An award, to be displayed publicly, recognizing the recipient and the hotel, location, or office as the “Home of a CEO Light & Warmth Award Recipient.”
  • A lapel pin recognizing the recipient as a CEO Light & Warmth Award recipient.
  • A feature story on the Lobby, Hilton Now, and other brand publications.
  • And more.

Site is currently under construction and will re-open soon for 2017 nominations.

For questions about the award, contact [email protected].

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