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Bell Team Recognition Tips

Pack Up the Recognition for Your Bell Team! Use the ideas below to recognize your Bell team superstars. Got an idea of your own that you've used before? Send it our way so we can add to the list and share with your peers across Hilton.

  1. Custom Bell Cart. Try decorating a bell cart with streamers and a note of public thanks. You could even include photos of your Bell team. Variation: Place a suitcase loaded with treats on the bell cart, and bring it to the morning huddle to recognize your team.
  2. Luggage Lotto. How many bags do the members of your Bell team carry in a month? Have a lottery to see who can guess closest to the correct number. It’s a wonderful way to show everyone how hard your Bell team works. Have a prize for the winner.
  3. Movie Break. In several shifts, give Team Members a break during the day to watch a movie featuring characters who work similar jobs. Bell team could watch Home Alone 2.
  4. Is Bag Handling Their Calling? For a little Bell Team fun, create two piles of luggage, and place a cell phone inside a bag in each pile. Then simultaneously call the numbers of both phones. The Team Member who finds the ringing phone the fastest wins a prize!
  5. Baggage Claim. Supply a suitcase and Post-it notes, and have Team Members place notes of thanks for your Bell team on it.
  6. Surprise Party. Arrange a surprise party for a Bell Team Member. Fill a package or piece of luggage with treats, food, and thank you notes. Have him or her deliver it to a room, where Team Members await to celebrate.
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