Download five simple tips to make the most out of your recognition efforts. Print and post them in your workspace as a reminder, and share them with other managers.


Back Office / Finance Recognition Tips

Hurrah for Back Office / Finance! Use the ideas below to recognize your Back Office/Finance superstars. Got an idea of your own that you've used before? Send it our way so we can add to the list and share with your peers across Hilton.

  1. Check Into Recognition. Recognize your Back Office/Finance team by cutting them a check for “A Million Thanks!” Just take a standard check and enlarge it on a copier for a great way to say thank you!
  2. Count Your Assets. Thank your Finance team with a personal note of appreciation that says, "I can count on you!" or "You’re a great asset!"
  3. Front Row Seats! Say thanks by giving members of your Finance/Back Office team tickets to area events: movies, plays, sporting events, and other attractions.
  4. Trivia Fun. How much does your hotel spend on soap in one year? How many in-room movies are bought in the average month? How many pounds of coffee do you go through every year? Come up with Back Office trivia questions specific to the efforts of your Finance team, and hold a contest. Have a prize for the Team Member who answers the most questions correctly!
  5. Back-of-House, Meet your Guests. Once a week, let a Back Office Team Member spend an hour at the front of the hotel: with the Front Desk team, in the lobby, at a reception, or at the breakfast area, interacting with guests. It's an easy and effective way to encourage team building.
  6. Audit Your Team. It always feels good to receive a compliment. So serve your Team Members with a surprise Audit Notice, featuring an itemized list of things you’ve “caught” them doing well!
  7. Roll Out the Love! Take a paper roll commonly used for calculators or cash registers and have other Team Members across the hotel write notes of thanks to your Back Office/Finance Team for a job well done. Then display these expressions of gratitude for the whole team to see!
  8. A Spin on “Liquidity.” Host a Happy Hour for your team—with a twist: All beverages served are soft drinks, including unknown brands and exotic flavors. Encourage everyone to try something different.
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